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People and nature - working together!

About Us

Our mission is to turn green thinkers into green doers.

Our Philosophy

A simple philosophy drives, what we believe to be the essence of sustainability:

individual actions
global population
impact on earth's resources

Whether we like it or not, we are the generation that has inherited the need to face our responsibility for our environment in its entirety.

It is the fact that steering all the individual choices towards currently available, greenest versions of these choices, directly relates to a positive impact on our natural resources.

We believe that the key to facing this global environmental challenge is to swiftly enable not just many, but the majority of individuals, to expand upon and to adopt the efforts of those who are leading the way in sustainability within all areas of life.

Under the Hood

In 2016 we were just two regular people (and still are), who were concerned for the environment and sought a straightforward way to know our greenest available options.

In our initial attempts to go green, we browsed through articles, listicles, blogs, and search engine results to structure a simple and elegant way to live greener, to do our part for the environment.

We quickly realized that if we wish to go green right now, we must sift through tons of marketing and heaps of almost-relevant options. Next, decipher which of those options are truly best for the environment. Only then do we get to search for the usual consumer questions such as “does this solution align with my level of effort and cost that I am willing to and able to spend?

This chain of research is required prior to taking meaningful action - each time you go to buy something.

It became painfully obvious that due to the hustle of daily life, most people like us would have a small likelihood of taking actions that would lead to continuous and positive environmental impact.

Greenest Inc. is registered in Pennsylvania as of December 2016 and is developing It is a 501(c)3 organization as of May 2019.

We are working to achieve our mission by using what works for large enterprises and applying it to environmental conservation and pollution abatement.

Our current stage is gathering the sustainable efforts of individuals, businesses and organizations for analysis and grading.

We are building a system to objectively evaluate "green things".

If you are interested in any aspect of Greentool please consider contributing in any way that you can and sign up for early access to see the Greentool as soon as we go live!

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