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Environmental Analyst I




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About Greenest Inc

The key to solving global pollution is in the hands of each individual. Greenest Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Our objective is to develop into a personal environmental action tool for accelerating people's transition from thinking green to doing green. We are a growing group of volunteers doing our best to tackle the world's biggest data science puzzle. We love to work with students to build meaningful work experiences on the path to professional development. Offering remote-only positions is the greenest way to build the tool and achieve the mission. We keep a goal-based schedule and work from home offices using our volunteer-built and other collaboration tools. 

The Mission:    Turn Green Thinkers Into Green Doers

The Role:    Environmental Analyst I - Remote Position

Are you the person always telling friends and family how to be more eco-friendly? Do you already collect ways to improve your own impact on Earth's resources, then hide them in your bookmarks?  We need your help to find companies, organizations and individuals doing green stuff by searching the internet and entering potential solutions into our portal. It is a simple task but requires broad collaboration and therefore all majors are welcome to apply for this role. Be Your Greenest!


  • Enter environmental solutions into our database
  • Enter environmental concerns without an existing solution into the "Requires a Solution" Bulletin Board
  • Watch environmental documentaries and capture potential environmental solutions and requirements
  • Search the internet for environmental products and services


  • Passionate about the environment
  • Analytical mindset
  • Excited to find people, products and companies that are leading the way in sustainability
  • Basic computer skills - typing, searching the internet, navigating a web application