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About Greenest Inc

The key to solving global pollution is in the hands of each individual. Greenest Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit. Our objective is to develop the personal environmental action tool for accelerating people's transition from thinking green to doing green. We are a growing group of volunteers doing our best to tackle the world's biggest data science puzzle. We love to work with students to build meaningful work experiences on the path to professional development. Offering remote-only positions is the greenest way to build the tool and achieve the mission. We keep a goal-based schedule and work from home offices using our volunteer-built and other collaboration tools. 

The Mission:    Turn Green Thinkers Into Green Doers

The Role:    Citizen Scientist - Remote Position

Dear scientist, are you tired of non-scientific people not listening to you? Well you've come to the right place. The rest of us volunteers are building a portal just for you, to help capture your proverbial two cents towards the development and substance of Greenest Inc's pollutant classification system.

People need you even if they don't yet know it. Our system will show your contributions to visitors who seek it. For all other visitors, your inputs will serve behind the scenes to supervise our automated scoring model that parses all solution attributes to produce a simple result. 

There are at least 100,000 ways to go green. The hurdle is to help consumers who are not scientists to expedite their matching with sustainable solutions that are right for them. 


  • Analyze, update, and review system entries for the attributes, variables, and logistics of matter
  • Be publicly responsible for scientific accuracy of your inputs, to the best of your knowledge (Each solution will have an "et. al." section where the public will have access to all solution page contributors)
  • Collaborate with other volunteers to improve the classification system, scoring system, and any other greentool process


  • Bachelors degree in a STEM field required, graduate degree preferred.
  • Proven track record of scientific analysis and validation.
  • 1+ years in an applied science environment (field, laboratory, etc)
  • A strong passion to help the world plateau our current rate of pollution.
  • Expertise in at least one field(s) such as engineering, chemistry, physics, biology or other natural science
  • Critical thinking skills and sound judgement.
  • Distinguish between scientific fact and wishful thinking - must have a strong passion for accuracy of information.